Today I will go over a series that I read a while ago. Yes, it is considered “teen fiction,” but even adults can appreciate them.

The Maze Runner, The Scorch Trials, The Death Cure, and The Kill Order
by James Dashner

In case you have never heard of the series:
A dystopian society: A boy gets out of an elevator and finds himself in a society built by boys. They have a farm, all the supplies they need, but no adults and no girls. There is a maze outside the doors, harboring awful, horrible, deadly creatures. Every day, the boys wake up and go about trying to find a way out.
The series focuses on the several main characters and their strengths and weaknesses. The author provides a good underlying story base, and fills in some blanks as the book series progresses.

In case you have never heard of James Dashner:
Dashner is an American author who graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Accounting, got married, had four kids, and now lives in Utah.
His biographical stats are limited.

My opinion on the series:
They are easy reads. They are quick and aimed at a young teen reader, so there is a lot of angst and drama. There is a strong dynamic between the boys who have been in the maze for a while and the new kid, that reminds me of being the new kid. There is a made up vocabulary, but it is easy to follow.
The books outshined the movies dramatically. The movies were merely “based” on the novels-but did not follow a true timeline as laid out in the books. The movies were HORRIBLE. If you must watch them, do NOT use them as a comparison to the book series. Take the movies and books as separate entities-you won’t feel so let down then.
Overall, if you have time to read the series, I would say, do so. They are enjoyable, especially if you enjoy a good post-apocalyptic universe, which I know I do!

There is a newer book in the series called The Fever Code, released in 2016, that I have not read yet. Don’t be mad, but I didn’t even know it was available. After I obtain and read it, I will do my best to add it into the review here.

If you have read it and have an opinion on it, or wanna start a conversation, hit me up!



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