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I finished The Fever Code by James Dashner, a teen, post-apocalyptic prequel sequel. Whoo!!! Did you get all that?? It is BOOK FIVE in the series. Book Four is a prequel to the trilogy. This book is the follow up. I promised an update when I read it, because I did not know it existed-but have since found, and indeed, read it.

About the book:
It is book 5 in the series. It is a follow up to the prequel, book 4, in the Maze Runner Series. While the prequel, The Kill Order, discussed how the flare started, how the “Flare” disease was spread, and what happened when it got out of control, this book focused more on building the maze. It gave us an in-depth, more main-character-centric introduction to characters that were prominent in the Maze Runner Series trilogy. It also gave us a little background on WICKED, and on the possible ramifications of all things apocalyptic.
My opinion on the book:
So, having read the entire series, I thoroughly enjoyed this look inward at the characters and their respective stories. I felt like I was invited to peep in on part of their lives I had wondered about when I read the initial trilogy. This book was a fun read-however heartbreaking in its background. An easy read, like the others, meant for young teen readers, but still enjoyable for adults. At the same time, the plot thickens and becomes more intricate and involved, allowing us to become attached to our main characters and their friends.

As I stated before, if you are looking for a fun read, are into suspense and thrill seeking on a book-lover-level, then this series is for you.

If you have read it, or want to discuss any opinions on it, feel free to hit me up!!

fever code

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