Let’s avoid conflict on here, okay? I wanna write about a book I have finished up, but I don’t need any kind of bickering or emails complaining about the lack of plot, the lack of detail, the lack of synonyms, or the distaste for the topics…I am just writing my opinion on the book, and the series in general. So, relax.
I finished reading Darker by E.L. James, the fifth in the Fifty Shades of Grey series. The first three were the original trilogy, written in the voice of Anastasia Steele, the main female character. The fourth book, Grey, was the first of the trilogy of the same story, written in the voice of Christian Grey, the main male character.

In case you have never heard of the series:
The story of Ana and Christian is a strained love story about a naïve college grad and a very rich, very disturbed entrepreneur. This story is a romance, but it is so strained because of veiled elements of BDSM, and relationship/emotional issues of the characters. Although the story has become a movie series, with the third movie due out in Feb of 2018, the book series offers more insight. (As most books tend to.)

In case you don’t know of E.L. James:
She is a British tv writer, who chose to write some fan fiction for Twilight that got her some notice. She has since written books and scripts, etc. for the series, and has won multiple awards.

My opinion on this book/series:
Okay. So, this is difficult to put into words. My opinion of the plot, is that it is a fun love story of two people who were never destined to meet in normal circumstances. My opinion of the writing is that the author could have used a thesaurus, or an editor that actually read the manuscript with any detail…The writing bothers me at times, using very common phrases found in all five of the books. I understand that maintaining a “voice” throughout the series is important, but GAH…
My opinion of the series is that it is not a book based on a BDSM relationship. I also do not believe it is an abusive relationship, as others tend to believe. (Please people, before you broadcast your opinion everywhere, READ what is being discussed. It kills me.) The relationship is deep, complicated, dangerous (for both), and freeing. It is a learning curve for both Ana and Christian; for she has never had a relationship period, and he has never been in a reciprocating relationship.
I have sat through the first novel and movie and made comparisons and there are things missing from both that would better allay the problems with the BDSM community. A little research goes a long way. It would also heighten the expectation of “naughtiness” in the books. But, mainly because this is NOT a novel on BDSM, it is most certainly comparable to a haughty romance novel.
The first three, being from Ana’s perspective, lay the groundwork for the more deep character analysis in the fourth and fifth (and hopefully sixth) books. The last two are from Christian’s perspective and relay more information looking in, as to the thoughts and motivations behind some of his actions. However, I was a little disappointed that book five did not address more history, memory, and life sequences of Christian. I was looking forward to finding out from where some of his compulsions are derived. Although I was given dream sequences, a small bit of history of his childhood, and some epiphanies made through counseling, I feel there was more there to address that was left in limbo. Maybe, one day, I will make a list of questions and send them to the author and attempt to get some approval of possible headcannons. If I can find the time.
So, overall, if you are into sappy romances, then this one is for you:
A difficult gentleman of means, who is need of an education in love, finds a lady who is chaste, pure, educated in literature, but naïve in the bedroom, awakens his stone heart and brings them both happiness.  (AKA every. fairy. tale. ever.)
However, if you are prudish, uptight, or very sexually repressed, DO NOT read these. You will be embarrassed. 😀

If you have read the series and have any opinion on it (that is not combative or hostile), then hit me up. Feel free to discuss other opinions too, just be prepared to appreciate others’ opinions. christian grey

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