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I just finished reading a free e-book that landed in my email. Don’t judge me. It’s a romance novel. Smut, at that. So, if you are into rich, damaged guys learning to love again thanks to naïve young women, then this is your book!!
I have read through book six of nine. So, let me clarify something. The first three books are about Talon and Jade’s relationship. Although they make appearances in the rest of the books, their role is secondary. The second set of three books focuses on Jonah Steel, the eldest of the three brothers and his object of affection, Melanie Carmichael. The last three books, which I haven’t gotten to yet, are about the youngest brother, Ryan Steel.
In case you don’t know the author…Her name is Helen Hardt. She is a well-written author from Colorado, known for romance novels and erotica. She wrote this particular series about the Steel brothers, a series of nine books. I plan to go over all of them here…
In case you haven’t read the book:
Talon Steel is broken. Jade was left at the altar. Can she fix him? Can he love her?
You get the idea….
The first three books are the journey to find love for Talon and Jade. There is an underlying plot which is part mystery, part thriller.

The second three books follows the story line out even further, still trying to get answers for the Steel Brothers and their family, while following Jonah and Melanie’s story. A new sub-plot is introduced.

The third set of books, and the completion of the series, (hopefully) answers all of the questions brought up in the first six books, is about Ryan, the baby brother. Let’s hope he can find love like his brothers, and closure for his family.
What I thought:
It wasn’t too bad. I am not a huge fan of romance novels, but this one had just enough adult language and scenes to draw me out of my romance funk, and into the “yeah, buddy” frame of mind. Although I enjoyed this book, it is not a stand alone, as it leaves you with a cliffhanger-so prepare yourself for the next book before you even start reading. My patience for poor writing is low, and this was actually decently written. Some suspense, some thrill, some sadness, some happiness, and let’s not forget the sex. I am glad to see that someone knows how to use a thesaurus to prevent using the same word over and over.

Overall, not a bad book. I will let you know as I progress through the series if it is worth it to keep going. 🙂

I am glad that there is a trigger warning at the beginning of the book-claiming that there was language and childhood events that may cause victims of childhood abuse to trigger. Please be aware of that when reading this series!

Each book ends in a cliffhanger. Each. Book. Kind of MAKES you want to keep reading-just to see what happens. To me, the “romance” portion has taken a back seat and I have become more interested in the plot twisty mystery behind the romance.
If you have read this book, or know of it, or just wanna chat about books, drop me a line!


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