*UPDATED* Craving more…

I finally got my hands on the last two books in the Steele Brothers’ series. I was excited to wrap it up!!

Shattered and Unraveled are books #8 and #9 in the series, by Helen Hardt. A romantic, smut series with a plot line! The further along in the series, the more interesting it became.
The story followed the same lines, the first three were for Talon, the second three were for Jonah, and the final three were for Ryan. Each book ends with a cliffhanger, through book eight, and is wrapped up nicely in book nine. We find out about the people who caused all of the problems those brothers are trying to work out. We find out about the parents of all the major players in the story. We find out who likes whom, and with whom they end up.
The final couple of books forced a lot of sex scenes into inappropriate timing…and there were themes throughout: non-consensual sex, human trafficking, other illegal dilemma.
I enjoyed it as a whole. I would recommend the series if you are looking for nine books, in that genre, to keep you busy.


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