Some books…

I recently read a book. I won’t share the title. I won’t do a review. You may ask why I even bring it up. Well. I was considering the context and subject matter of the book, which I felt was of a personal matter, and did not need to be shared. Also, some things (yes, even books) just need to be kept for oneself.

Have you ever had an experience and you were dying to share with someone, but conflicted because if you shared it, it would no longer belong to just you?? That is kind of how it feels.

I wanted you to know I am still reading, and my list of books to be read is ever growing, and makes me sad because what if I can’t read them all?!?! I know. #booknerdproblems, right?

So. Until I decide what book is next, and do the business of reading it…

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