Wuthering Nights


In case you have never heard of this book:
It is a “re-telling” of the original Victorian Gothic, Wuthering Heights, by Emily Bronte. The addition of author I.J. Miller’s erotic content, make it much more exciting a read.
The original characters of Heathcliff and Catherine remain, with slightly different attributes being the focus of the story. While their sad, tragic, love story remains, it is spiced up.

While we know that sex was a taboo subject and rarely written about or discussed in letters, the language used and the expressions in this book lend itself to a convincing re-writing of the story. The consistent use of the original author’s voice helps to keep the feelings of the main couple the focus of the novel.

There are some surprising contents: a BDSM three-some, a well-equipped dungeon, and unsurpassed sex-drives. **If you are easily embarrassed by sex, of a more conservative constitution, or are easily triggered by rough sex–maybe don’t read this book.**

In case you have never heard of the author:
I.J. Miller lives on the East Coast, and is the author of several other stories/novels of the erotic type. There is little on his personal life, other than he has an MFA from the American Film Institute.

In case you wondered what I felt about the book:
Overall, I enjoyed it. The original was a fabulous, harrowing, love story between the main two characters, who were never meant to be. This re-telling adds to the frustration by lack of consummation, making it more exciting as a whole.
As I mentioned above, the author was able to maintain stream of language and consistent use of phrases that remain true to the original, while updating the scenery/imagery to include a (probably more accurate) view of the turbulent relationships of two families.
This novel includes: gambling, abuse, alcoholism, sex as a tool, forced copulation, anilingus, and other sex acts. Be aware of that.


Have you read this book? Did you enjoy it? Did you hate it? Let me know your thoughts!!



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