A Ghost Story…

In case you have never heard of this book:

Mary Rose by Geoffrey Girard is an author of a psychological genre. This book proclaims to be a “modern take on a classic ghost story.” This ghost story was an attractive subject for Hitchcock, but it never materialized for him. A re-telling and updating by Girard, Made this book more relevant today.

The story is about a couple: Mary Rose and Simon. It is about their quest to have a normal, loving life, without nightmares and unexplained visions. A trip from New York to England and, later, Scotland, reveal details of Mary Rose’s life that even she didn’t know.

In case you have never heard of the author:

Girard has several degrees and experience both writing and teaching, and writes mainly “thrillers and dark speculative fiction.” (What does that entail?) He offers writing seminars and workshops across the nation.

My opinion of the book:

It was interesting. A charming psychological type book, for those who like being strung along with no true answers. Hints at what happened to a young girl when gone missing, and possible traumas then lead the book down the desired creepy path. The ending is not what I would consider “a true resolution”, but simply a winding down to explaining and understanding the ghost story.

Have you read it? What did you think? Do you have any insights that may make this a better read? Let me know!!

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