My Husband’s Wife

Have you ever thought what it would be like to have to decide if a person is guilty or innocent? Have you ever wondered if you would defend them in court? Fall for them? Have your life change because of them?

In case you have never heard of the author:

Her name is Jane Corry. She is an author and journalist, and spent time in a prison. This gave her the inspiration to write this book.

In case you have not heard of this book:

This is a London based thriller: it covers law, love, loss, innocence, guilt, and other aspects of human nature. Our main characters are Lily, a defense lawyer, and Ed, her husband, a temperamental artist. They are navigating through the start of their marriage, rough and untidy.

What did I think of it:

Now, this was a little harder to review. The start of the book was exciting and interesting and the book kept me entertained. But, as it moved along, it got more intense and a little….messy. The end was wrapped up in a bow.

We are introduced to children, friends, parents, lawyers, and others that don’t have a major influence in the long run, but are good fill characters. Some of them are more rounded than others.

Overall, I thought it was good. Thoughtful, interesting, brought up good questions. Smart book.

Have you read it? What did you think?

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