A Little More Vampire Stuff.

Time’s Convert by Deborah Harkness

In case you have never heard of the book:
This is a follow up to the All Souls Trilogy, dealing with Matthew and Diana and their family.
Matthew’s son, Marcus, has memories that go back a long time. As a vampire, he is constantly fighting with his past lives. In this book, we learn more about him and where he came from.

In case you have never heard of the author:
She has written the three books that are now a tv show in its second season on AMC. She is an historian, living in Pennsylvania. She is an award-winning novelist.

In case you were wondering what I thought of the book:
This book took a bit longer to read because of the extreme detail in historical fact. It was a fun forward movement from the last three. It was a smart read, with strong characters, wonderful history, and colorful detail.

I would recommend this book, but ONLY after reading the first three.

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