A Little Rock and Roll…

Good Girl, Bad Girl, Wicked Girl (A trio of novelettes) by Piper Lawson

In case you have never heard of the author:
She is a self-described degree holding millennial. She is an award winning romance author. She is based outside Toronto, Canada.

In case you have never heard of these stories:
A little smut never killed anyone, right? Right?

Jax Jamison is a rock star. Haley is a computer nerd, with a penchant for music…and Jax.
The first story is how they met, the second is how they reconnected, and the third is about their future together.

In case you were wondering what I thought:
These are a fun, easy read to be enjoyed by Kindle or e-reader, preferably all in one shot. They are quick, and the vocabulary is not difficult to digest.

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