A Little White Lie…

Lie To Me By JT Ellison

In case you have never heard of the author:
She is a thriller/psych-drama novelist, who has won several awards. She also co-hosts an Emmy award-winning tv show.

In case you have never heard of the book:
In this drama, Sutton and her husband, Ethan, are both award winning authors. They have been married a while, and have a kid together. But this life, which looks picture-perfect from the outside, is far from that.

When the baby dies, and later, Sutton goes missing, the investigators will dive into the unlikely past and possibilities of what if.

A story of he said, she said…what really happened to Sutton?

In case you wondered what I thought:
It was definitely suspenseful. It was dramatic. There were unseen twists and turns. The ending was not exactly how I had guessed it would be-and was fun to read through!

The language flowed, the story line kept me intrigued, and it was interesting.

Would recommend if you like suspense thrillers.

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