Where is the baby?

The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena

In case you have never heard of the author:

Lapena is a multi-novel thriller writer. She resides in Toronto, Canada. She has been on the NYT bestseller list, as well as the UK Sunday Times bestseller list.

In case you have never heard of the book:

Anne and Marco are the ideal couple, with a new baby. They are typical parents: tired, paranoid, and in need of some time as adults. They accept an invitation to dinner next door, and check on the baby religiously.

When something happens to the baby-the parents are the first on the list of suspects. The detective digs in, finding secrets well buried, and uncovering the truth about the ideal couple.

In case you wondered what I thought:

This book was bland. While it was easy enough to follow, the details were lacking and it just felt like someone gossiping about someone else. It was slow, simply because it was a little tiresome…BUT, I DID want to find out what happened to the baby and how everyone was linked in the end.

Overall, may recommend. May not. Depends on the mood of the reader asking.

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