It’s Almost July…

I still haven’t read a new book. I am still working regularly. I’m still wearing my mask when I go anywhere.

It’s almost July, though. And the outlook hasn’t improved. In fact, by all reports, it is getting worse. People are protesting the use of masks. People are protesting closures. People are fighting to get a haircut or go to a bar. And then they are testing positive for Covid, and are genuinely confused. Because according to leaders, it is just like the flu. It isn’t dangerous. It will pass. You will be immune. We will reach herd immunity and then it will all be okay.

Unfortunately, that isn’t what the science shows. Unfortunately, you can get it more than once. Unfortunately, it isn’t like the flu. Unfortunately, people are dying at a rapid pace. Unfortunately, people who don’t wear the face masks are the ones causing all the problems.

What is the correlation between those who are fighting against masks and those who fight against vaccines? I wonder. What is the correlation of spreading the disease in relation to hoping to reach herd immunity? How are those people feeling when they get their kids and elderly relatives sick and hospitalized? When they require breathing treatments? When they suffer strokes or an abominable version of multi-systemic organ failure?

Why has 2020 been a giant dumpster fire? What is it about THIS YEAR?? Between the Covid cases, the previously mentioned world disasters….and earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, a Godzilla Saharan Dust Storm, uncertainty in regards to schooling, in regards to safety, in regards to travel, in regards to socializing, in regards to life in general…This year has just been a $h!t$h0w…

While I have been working hard to maintain some level of normalcy for my family, I have been experiencing “Quarantine Burn Out”…When the mental load of parenting, the anxiety of every single day piles up, and the emotional stress of dealing with all the issues being presented without break all collide, they cause this burn out. It is a real thing.

I used to use this blog to do book reviews. Hopefully, soon, I can get back to that. In the meantime, share with me your book suggestions, reviews, to be read list, favorite authors, and other ideas on how to pass the time without losing my mind. 🙂

One response to “It’s Almost July…”

  1. $h!t$h0w is going to be my new password.


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