Welcome to August…

It is the middle of the month of August. Only fourish months left in this year. Things have changed so much this year.

My kiddo will be starting school in a week. He will be distance learning until December, at least. We have his room set up so he has a desk and a learning center, and he has an iPad updated with all the apps needed. He has done his summer reading, and will be able to focus on his work. I am hoping that a real schedule will help all of us.

We are considering going on a day trip soon, to celebrate making it to the end of summer without too many issues. A day trip to the beach, with water and sun, a picnic, and just a minute to disconnect and relax? Yes, please!

I was able to read a couple of books recently. Smut series follow ups. But books, nonetheless. It was like a short lived fuse, two quick books that took about a day and a half each to read. Now, I am working on getting me on track again. Again. Again. Always again.

I have gained some weight. I guess lounging with snacks and Netflix will do that to a person. :). But I was able to watch some movies and catch up on series that have been out forever that I never really had the time to watch. I really need to start doing yoga again, and I can’t wait for the cooler weather so I can go outside and walk…without suffering a heat stroke 10 minutes in…

I had a gym membership, but have since cancelled it due to Covid. And living in South Central Texas is its own special form of torture. The summers are starting earlier and lasting longer and getting hotter. We recently set up an easy up with our furniture under it to keep them cooler, and an inflatable pool in the front yard. Gotta do what ya gotta do.

While we await school, while I look for stay at home work, and while my husband risks his health every single day, we hope you all stay safe. Wear your masks. Wash your hands. Stay socially distant. Be healthy.

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