Already March 2021

So, this week we celebrate one full year of our two week curve defying lock down. We celebrate the release of THREE separate vaccines. The fact that no one in New Zealand has died in MONTHS. That doctors are addressing the needs of those showing long term symptoms. That people are generally good, and fight for wearing masks. That there are more helpful folks than Kens and Karens.

This week we celebrate the small things. The beginning of Spring. The potential for signing into law that we don’t have to adjust our clocks again. (*praying for that one*) This week we celebrate that we have all come out the other side smarter, stronger, more likely to remain healthy, and possibly starting to socialize outside the house in person again.

This week we celebrate that I have started reading again. I needed to read. I forgot how good it made me feel. I started reading a series of e-books, smutty and more regency related. But books, nonetheless. Books are an excellent escape. They make you laugh, cry, think, investigate, and just imagine. While the historical aspect of these books makes me day-dream of the time of Austen, they are also rather fun. The banter between characters, the revelations of young lovers, the fight with hundreds of layers of clothes with multiple sets of ties, buckles, and buttons. (LOL)

So, in an attempt at restarting my book reviews, I am attempting to read. Kind of necessary for a book review. If you have any suggestions for me, let me know! Also let me know how you have handled your past year. Do you have anxiety? Depression? Did you fall in love via Zoom? Did you move? Did you get sick? Recover? Have you worked from home? Gotten tired of being cooped up with your loved ones? Taken a vacation? I want to know!

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