Writing Sample (previously unpublished review)

I ordered two boxes of the InHome Wildwood Peel & Stick Wallpaper (covering approximately 28 sq ft) recently from an online resource.

I received the wallpaper in an appropriate amount of time (2-3 days). The box was in decent shape, and the wallpaper was enclosed in plastic boxes inside.

Other reviews complained about the color variation, which I thought was as represented in the photo. Another complaint was about the quality of the surface when scratched.

First, application was smooth, and went easier than planned. Second, there was not any scratching to the surface, so I did not experience the paint effect peeling or tearing.

There is 16.5 linear feet of the wallpaper, which was more than enough to cover the closet doors in my child’s bedroom. The doors look like they are made of real wood from a distance. The paper lined up easily to continue the design on the next door. I enjoy the quality of this purchase, and my only criticism would be that a texture added to the surface would make this item even more realistic.

5/5 stars for ease of application
4/5 stars for appearance
5/5 stars for delivery time/condition
5/5 stars for accurate online representation/description
3/5 stars for price (this stuff is NOT cheap)
4/5 stars overall

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