May, 2021

Today, I embarked upon Stage 1 of “Getting back to close to normal”. I went to the pharmacy and was able to get my first dose of the Covid Vaccine!!
Since I had to wait a full 90 days after HAVING Covid, I was able to get my shot last week…however, I ended up 2 1/2 weeks ago getting my Tetanus booster. So, I had to wait a bit longer….but I DID IT! I finally feel like we are moving forward!

Yesterday, I got bored and painted a wall. Just one. Not even the whole wall. Just an arch. The husband came home to paint stuff on the porch and the smell emanating from the house, and the only thing he had to say was “what did you paint today?” Ahhahaha.
He knows his wife pretty well, I guess. Of all the things that NEEDED to be done, I painted a wall.

This summer is looking up. Conventions are starting to reschedule and we are looking forward to seeing family again!
With everyone immunized, we can see family after an entire year of being apart. I am so excited. I have missed seeing my family-our visits are rare anyway, because we live so far apart.
As long as conventions are going to follow some safety guidelines, I will be excited to jump back into the role of volunteer so that I can see my nerds again!

In the meantime, I have managed to read a few books, after so long of not being able to. I have completed two room redo’s in my house. I have purged nonsense out of my life (both figuratively and literally). I have managed to clear out all the people in my life that were toxic. I feel good about my decisions, and am feeling hopeful of the near future.

So, y’all. Keep wearing masks. Keep getting your shots. Keep your guards up just a bit. We are not fear mongering. We are REALISTICALLY preventing illness in our communities.
Hugs to all. If you have anything you want to share about your year, about a book you recommend, about your summer plans….just email me here!

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