The Rabbit Hole

Have you ever gotten into a tv or reading lurch, and then found out about a show when deep diving into rabbit holes on social media?

At the start of the year, I wasn’t really feeling my TBR list, and had finished many of my serial tv shows. So, I looked for something that would take up my time, and keep me busy. I went on instagram, and fell down a rabbit hole of videos and found a Netflix show called “Who Killed Sara?”

Off to Netflix I went!!

Watched the available season (and later a second season!), and really enjoyed! So, I thought I would share my thoughts with you.

Who Killed Sara?
A Mexican, Spanish, English dubbed novella about the Lazcano family, an outcast friend, Alex, and the friend’s dead sister, Sara. Sara died when they were young kids, and had gone paragliding on a lake. The rigging which supported Sara gave way and she fell from a height. How does the Lazcano family factor in? Secrets are unraveled, and the real lives of everyone involved become exposed. But will Alex get his revenge?

This is a fun whodunnit, with lots of twists and turns, revenge, love, hate, self loathing, and just enough drama to keep it exciting. The fact that it is dubbed in English is helpful. Overall, I enjoyed it. Waiting to hear when Season 3 will be released, after the news that there WILL be a new season! Will we find out who actually killed her? Will Alex finally get his peace?

I would recommend if you are into excitement, mystery, and drama, and aren’t opposed to death, sex, profanity, guns, drugs, and the like.

Once I finished both of these seasons, I ended up in another Instagram rabbit hole. This one, with romantic undertones. Snippets of a girl and man, seemingly having relationship issues, while the gaze between them smoldered….I had to know…WHAT IS THIS SHOW?
It turned out to be a Turkish soap opera! That is right, y’all. I fell deeeeep down the rabbit hole this time.

A Turkish romantic drama called “Ask Laftan Anlamaz” (In English: Love Knows No Words) about Hayat and Murat, their love story, and their struggle to be together. This show is in Turkish, y’all. There are English subtitles, so you have to read. And the episodes are about two hours long each, with around 35 episodes. It is a COMMITMENT. It is on Youtube, and each episode comes in like 25-35 parts, at like 5 minutes a piece. Frustrating, but the only ones viewable for English speakers.

Hayat is a country girl, trying to live in the big city. Her parents are watching her and threaten her with removal back to home if she fails.
Murat is a big city, business man, with a wealthy and influential family, and lots of family drama. Hayat and Murat find each other, fall in love, and proceed to find obstacles to their love around EVERY corner.
While the focus is definitely on these two, there are a number of other love stories in the background. There are grand romantic gestures. There is heartbreak. There is redemption. There is failure. And there is love.

Would recommend if you enjoy romance, trying to figure out what will happen next, and beautiful actors. This show would be mostly considered “family friendly” as the intimacy is relayed in long gazes, hand holding, pecks on the cheek or forehead, and implied activities.

After finishing this show, and finding a new love in all things Turkish, I found the head actor (Burak Deniz) heading up a newer show. A complete 180 from the love story before…or so I thought.

Marasli is a Turkish crime drama focusing on the character Marasli, and finding out who hurt his daughter at a concert. This show has a bunch of gunfire, running, hiding, a rich family full of secrets, and a love story for the times. This series runs 26 episodes at two hours a piece, and is subtitled in English. Another commitment, but TOTALLY worth it. This show had me on the edge of my seat the ENTIRE time.
The love story between Marasli and Mahur, his charge as a bodyguard, is a full story all on its own.. One lie unravels another, and soon we are left to find the truth about their relationship, its start, and its finish.

If you have an interest in mysteries, shooting, occasional humor to break up the seriousness, then this is the show for you! Also found on YouTube, but in whole two hour episodes. Makes it easier to consume.

I am working on reading some books, as I have been a bit lazy with that aspect…
But if you guys watch any of these shows, let me know what you think!

Have any shows to recommend? Let me know that, too!

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