Even Further Down the Rabbit Hole…

Since my last posting, I have found a love for Turkish tv. I took up learning Turkish on Duolingo in order to improve my poor understanding of their language.

I just finished watching a series that I think you will LOVE. It was 51 episodes…at two hours a piece…BUT-the love story and the comedy in this show are well worth it.

Do you know anything about the Albatross? A large, independent ocean going bird that flies for the majority of its life. Big, strong wings, a desire for home, loyalty to its chosen, and love of travel keep the bird a secret from almost all.

Sanem, our main character, finds herself in a situation where she is looking for her Albatross, her one chosen, and the one who changed her life.
Meanwhile, Can (pronounced “JOHN”), is a traveler, returned to help his family with the advertising agency. He is a world renowned photographer, artist, handsome and rich. And not looking for anything serious with anyone.

In a twist of fate, Sanem and Can travel down the road to love, a long and winding road, twisted and opposed at every turn.

Can they do it? Will they be together? Will he leave her? Will she be able to accept her past mistakes? Do they trust one another enough to be honest about their fears?

If you love romcoms, please, do yourself a favor and watch this. It is a lot, I understand. But so worth it. I fell in love with all the characters for their own reasons while watching. Sanem (played by Demet Ozdemir) offers some Lucille Ball-like moments that are terribly funny, and very physically comical. Can (played by Can Yaman) offers some slow motion shots of a shirtless, well-toned man, and some romantic scenes fit for the love of centuries.

The room for growth, and the amount of love shared between the cast, gave me a sense of family in the series. And, as I mentioned before, Turkish tv blurs out blood and alcohol, and limits the occasion of physical intimacy to hand holding, hand kissing, forehead and cheek kisses, and a few lip to lip kisses. So, it is safe for the family.

2 responses to “Even Further Down the Rabbit Hole…”

  1. Erkenci Kus is my all-time favourite. It was the first Turkish dizi I watched and I absolutely fell in love with Sanem, Can, CeyCey, and everyone. Demet and Can made me believe in the love between Sanem and Can. Whew, the chemistry. Whenever I feel down or overwhelmed I search for clips of EK. It actually serves as some sort of therapy for me because they give me all the good feels.


    1. I only watch certain scenes because others make me sad, or even angry at certain behaviors. But overall, it was enjoyable. 🙂
      Thanks for commenting!! Feel free to read more of my reviews or my write ups on Yargi!


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