Can’t Buy Me Love…

Remember that movie? From the 80’s? Or was it 90’s? Whatever…a million years ago…
Remember the deal? You pretend to date me so I seem more appealing, and I help you in return? It’s a win/win, right? Right?!
Nope. Never is. Never was.

So, the Turkish series “Bay Yanlis“ (Mr Wrong) gives us the same vibes as Patrick Dempsey did then. A 14 episode series, at two hours a piece, Turkish series, subtitled in English, fulfills our love story needs.

Ozgur (played by Can Yaman) is a player. Lots of notches on the bedpost. No intention to marry. Doesn’t know how to live in the slow lane. After an article is written about him in a local publication by a wronged date, his mother decides it is time for him to settle down and start his life.
Ezgi (played by…..) is a good girl, heartbroken after spending three years with her boyfriend to find that he cheated on her and kicked her out of the house.
After an unforgettable encounter with Ozgur, Ezgi and he enter into an agreement to have a “pretend relationship” so that Ozgur’s mom will get off his back, and Ezgi will learn the rules of dating and how to deal with men a little better.
What happens when you pretend for long enough? Is it still pretend? Or does it turn to love? What obstacles could get in the way of their happily ever after?

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