Murder Mystery!!

Yargi (Judgement) is a Turkish tv serial, there are currently only 8 episodes available, as it is a running show. You can catch it live, in Turkish on Sunday nights, or Mondays subtitled in English. Each episode runs 2+ hours, no commercial breaks.

Characters: Mr Prosecutor, Ilgaz, played by Kaan Urgancioglu
Madam Advocate, Ceylin, played by Pinar Deniz
Mr Prosecutor, Pars, played by Mehmet Yiilmaz Ak
Detective Eren, played by Ugur Aslan
Inci Erguvan, played by Ece Yuksel
Lawyer Engin, played by Onur Durmaz

Excellent writing, excellent playing, excellent tension…a murder mystery “whodunit” that leaves you wondering….who is dead? Why? Who killed her? Will they figure it out? Will you?

Episode 1:
The episode opens with a female body being found inside a suitcase, inside a trash bin, on the side of the road in the early morning.
Who is it? How did she end up there? Who killed her?

Ceylin is a young attorney and helps those who need it. Everyone but herself. She is impulsive, and is often sketchy when it comes to following the rule of law to the letter. She lives with her mother and father, two sisters, and niece.

Ilgaz is a prosecutor with a reputation for being honest, fair, and on the ball. Ilgaz lives in a house with his father, a high ranking police officer (Metin), his aunt, his little sister, and his younger brother (Cinar). Ilgaz was engaged, but isn’t any longer.

Pars is a prosecutor that works with Ilgaz, but has a score to settle. His sister, Neva, was engaged to Ilgaz, and got hurt when it was broken off. While he is fair and honest at work, he is out for revenge against Ilgaz, and will use the legal system to his advantage if given the opportunity.

Detective Eren is Ilgaz’s friend and comrade. They have worked together for a while, and seem to be close. Eren rides a thin line when it comes to the rules-refusing to break them openly, but bending them slightly to help solve a murder? Certainly doable. We don’t know much about his private life, other than he is unattached but not opposed to a match.

Lawyer Engin is Ceylin’s best friend, family friend, confidante, known since school. Engin’s family is wealthy, his father is a famed lawyer who has a reputation of being able to get even the worst criminal off. His father wants him to work with him, but Engin wants to work with Ceylin. At first glance, he seems harmless enough.

Inci is Ceylin’s sister. Inci leads a double life, and suffers the consequences of not only her, but others’ choices.

Since the first episode focuses on the death of the girl in the suitcase and finding out who she is, the writers also establish the relationships between the main characters. We get to find out how they all interact, and base our theories and opinions on those interactions.

Can you guess who the dead girl is? Can you guess who killed her and why?

Leave me a message if you have it all figured out!!

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