A Killer and a Dead Girl: Yargi, Episode 2

In this episode, we learn who the dead girl is. We learn of a suspect. We learn that they are somehow related to Ilgaz and Ceylin.


We learn that Ilgaz is both understanding, and has had his share of troubling times behind him. He tries to hold his family together. He seems to have a soft spot for Ceylin, but refuses to let that admiration cause him any loss of his ethical reputation. We learn that his dad, Metin, is a man of little faith, little regard for his younger son, and much regard for his profession. He also had a connection to Inci.

As his brother, Cinar, gets jailed for interrogation for the murder of the girl, he holds his tongue in his own defense. But why?

We learn that Ceylin has a short fuse when it comes to her family. She is very protective of them, and feels guilt that she could not protect the one person who needed it. Her mother has issues coping; her older sister cares for her mother. We also learn the lengths she will go to in order to prove the guilt or innocence of the suspect.

As her sister, Inci was deceptive, leading a life she didn’t share with her family. She had a secret boyfriend, a second phone, and a car about which they didn’t know. She held many secrets, and now, the whole family has to grieve the loss of the youngest sister.

We learn a little about Eren. That he will go the extra mile for Ilgaz, but still do his job accurately for Pars. He is dedicated to helping Ilgaz and Ceylin both do their job, legally and professionally, while skirting the system slightly.

We learn a little about Engin, that he will go the extra mile for Ceylin. He believes his father’s legacy is not one he wants to continue. He helps Inci’s family recover from their loss. We start seeing the cooperation between Engin’s dad, Yekta, and Ceylin’s dad, Zafer, to punish the suspect to the full extent of the law.

We learn that people hide things from their loved ones. We learn that people lead secret lives. We learn that once people are fed tainted information, it is hard for them to turn their heads from that to a different direction.

Have you seen this episode? Interested in watching? Opinions on plot? Leave me a message and we can talk about it!

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