Mayhem and Murder Investigation: Yargi, Episode 3

What is the connection between Metin and Inci?
Why is Cinar not talking?
What is Yekta pulling?
Can Ilgaz and Ceylin continue working together if they don’t trust one another?
How much work can get done around Pars without him finding out?
How much can Zafer take before breaking?
What other of Inci’s secrets will surface?

Ceylin has resumed her job as attorney for Cinar, but her family doesn’t know-they CAN’T know. So, Ceylin has to work some sleight of hand in order to make it appear as if she is no longer defending him, so her family does not suspect. Meanwhile, she is working hard toward finding evidence to either prove his guilt or innocence.
Ceylin collects her sister’s personal items from the morgue, and only one earring is included. She decides that wherever they find the match, they will find the killer. And she decided to wear the single earring until it could be reunited with its second, as a reminder.
This episode is where Ceylin lets out some of her anger and frustration at not being able to know her sister, or protect her.
Ceylin listens to the interrogation of her father, and learns that he isn’t exactly who she thinks he is either. But what is HE hiding??

Ilgaz has put off work in order to keep his family moving forward, and in order to help Ceylin investigate the murder of Inci. He is trying to earn the trust of Madam Advocate, while maintaining his professional standards. He is also having an internal struggle when it comes to being faithful to his job and being a good brother and son. He is gentle toward a grieving Ceylin, supportive, and caring. Eren notices the care Ilgaz takes, and doesn’t push.

Metin has been paying half the rent for Ceylin’s family home for four years. He worked out a scholarship for Inci. What is his connection to that family? Why would he hide this from his family? What is he afraid of?

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