The Killer Among Us: Yargi, Episode 4


In this episode, we find there are new suspects in the case!! A teacher and his wife. What do they have to do with Inci’s death? Why are they running away?

Ceylin is finding it more and more difficult to keep her two worlds from colliding. She finds information condemning Cinar, but then finds other information confirming his innocence.

Ilgaz is finding it hard to keep his temper in check. He is also trying to keep Ceylin working toward his brother’s release. He confronts Cinar about drugs. He finds out that his father is not who he thought.

Ceylin’s brother in law, Osman, hides an affair. She finds out her father is not who she thought.

Cinar is determined to be selling drugs. Evidence still points toward him as Inci’s killer-but will he finally break his silence and help himself? Ilgaz lays a trap to find out who is using Cinar to sell. He catches a suspect. Is Cinar in trouble in jail?

Zafer and Yekta are becoming closer while working together. Zafer confronts Ilgaz and Metin to find out if his daughter is working with them. Metin answers the question and does not consider the consequences, while Ilgaz shows restraint and is clearly upset by his father’s admission. Zafer disowns Ceylin and throws her stuff out, throws her out. She doesn’t have a chance to explain. Ilgaz arrives at her house and is there for her to support her.

Pars’s sister, Neva, arrives in Istanbul. She is Ilgaz’s ex-fiancé, and tensions may rise from her arrival. What was the reason for the breakup? Why did Ilgaz call off the engagement the morning that his brother was arrested? We can tell that Neva has very strong feelings for Ilgaz, and that he has feelings for her-but to what extent?

Engin’s mother shows up unannounced at Yekta’s office, and shows him an item she found in the house. What kind of connection does it have to who killed Inci and where?

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