Killer Separation: Yargi, Episode 5


The start of the episode is where we left off last episode, with Ceylin being disowned and kicked out of her family home. She is with Ilgaz, and he cares for her gently. He takes her and her things to her office, where he learns a little more about her. How hard she works. How strong she is. He looks after her, concerned for her health and safety. Before, he has looked at her with understanding and care, but now he is starting to look at her with admiration. Ilgaz notices something off about Engin. He asks Ceylin some probing questions, but keeps his opinion to himself for the moment.

Metin cries over Inci’s grave and plants flowers. His guilt eats at him from the inside because he knows he is at least partially to blame for the problems this family now faces.
He also tries to make amends with Cinar.

Yekta starts turning something when he finds out that it is likely that Inci died in his home.. He wants to continue along the path that Cinar is to blame for the murder. He takes to cleaning out chances of evidence left in his place of residence, while coming up with alternative stories to justify his actions.

Pars finds out that it is possible that Ceylin and Ilgaz may have been involved in some sketchy practices and is determined to find out if they were in cahoots.

Ceylin lied to Cinar in order to get some cooperation, and is now facing the consequences. Cinar finds out that his lawyer lied to him, and he loses his faith in his family. Cinar also faces troubles in jail, with another jail mate-one who is out for revenge for a different reason. Cinar is hurt badly, and is in the hospital when Ilgaz faces his father and tells him it is worth forgiving his son and loving him despite his mistakes because he may have made bad choices, but he is most certainly not a killer.

As Ceylin is now homeless, she goes to stay with Engin at his family home. Upon entering, she notices the change of decor. She goes tot the kitchen, where she finds a clue that her sister has been in this house. Why? How did she even know where it was? Who knew? Did she die in that house? She leaves and goes directly to Ilgaz, because it appears he is the only person who would understand or that she could trust now.
She stays the night on the couch at his place, and finds solace in Defne, his little sister.

Ilgaz, Ceylin, and Eren hatch a plan to catch the person who killed Inci. The end involves this plan, and the outcome…

Will we learn who killed Inci? Will Ceylin be able to handle the answer? Will Ilgaz be able to help Ceylin? Will his brother be freed? So many questions…..Do you know the answers? Let me know!!

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