The Killer Revealed: Yargi, Episode 6


This episode starts with bad news!
We learn the possible killer of Inci!
Did you guess who it was? Did you figure it out?

So, Engin seems to be our man!
His father is doing his best to clean up after him so there is no evidence left at the house and his alibi seems to be solid, from a prosecution perspective. Engin’s mother seems to be losing the battle with her conscience.
Although there is a plan in place to catch him, Ceylin is not okay, and is torn at the pretense of looking him in the face while knowing what she knows.

When Ceylin loses her balance-Ilgaz is there to catch her again. Albeit, the way he helps her is a little unconventional. Eren is even concerned that his methods are pushing a little hard on her. But Ilgaz is really looking out for her well-being, which seems surprising to others.

A new character enters our show: Merdan, Ilgaz’s grandfather. He is incarcerated for fraud, but seems to be doing well in jail. Ilgaz has not had contact with him for years, but has reached out for help solving Inci’s murder.
Has he done the unthinkable for Ceylin? Or for his brother? How will this decision affect him in the future? Will it come back to haunt him?

Pars and Neva’s sibling relationship seems strained, with Pars still offended by Ilgaz’s refusal of his sister. He is also trying to find fault with the evidence pointing to Cinar’s innocence, trying to prove that Ilgaz and Ceylin are doing things illegally behind his back. Will he find anything condemning?

Cinar is in hospital, after suffering the attack from a cell-mate. While Metin has relayed that he is forgiven, that he is believed and loved, Cinar still cannot cope with the affection being given, and is still not able to help his own case.
Upon learning that his friend, who Ilgaz busted stealing from his house, has turned against Cinar, and committed perjury by testifying that the death of Inci is on Cinar, he changes his mind and starts talking to clear his name.
Eren finds evidence that leads to Cinar’s innocence, and his release from jail, relieving Ilgaz’s conscience a little, and bringing him and Ceylin even closer.

Zafer finds out about the release of Cinar, and becomes a mad person. We learn about how bad he can be, and what kinds of plans he can hatch, when left to his own devices. Maybe it’s the time in prison that made him bad? Or maybe he was like that anyway, and prison just didn’t help?

At the end of the episode, we find out how far Ilgaz will go to both help Ceylin, and keep his reputation in tact.

How far would you go to help the ones you love?

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