Murder Investigation and Matrimony: Yargi, Episode 7


What we see at the beginning is a huge surprise!
Who would have thought the only way out was MARRIAGE??

Ilgaz and Ceylin get married! That is right! Married!! Presumably so Ilgaz would not have to testify against Ceylin about her methods of obtaining information, allowing her to continue practicing law and continue helping to find out what exactly happened to Inci.
My question, y’all, is this: Would you marry someone you barely knew, just to protect them? I’m not fully convinced that this is the only motive behind this speedy elopement.

Pars is onto them…he accuses them of a fake marriage. Neva is convinced that this marriage was a necessity, and that Ilgaz will return to her when it is all over.

Zafer and Cinar have a run-in, where we learn just to what extent he blames Cinar for the death of his daughter and what he is willing to do to punish Cinar for it.
But will it turn out in his favor?? What will happen to both Zafer and Cinar? If Cinar makes a mistake again, will his father keep his promise and still protect him?

Metin is helping Engin to memorize his alibi and all the details that go with it. But here is th e problem from an American standpoint: Witnesses who remember TOO MANY DETAILS are often guilty of something as well…So, will Engin remember too well? Will his testimony be taken seriously?

Pars finds out about Merdan, and is determined to find the connection between him and Ilgaz. But what else will he find?

Ceylin finds more evidence, in a questionable manner, and Ilgaz works to bring it in as correctly as possible, in order to maintain proper standards.

Osman is detained because the woman he was cheating on his wife with refused to corroborate his story. Also, Yekta is working against him, even pretending to be his lawyer, but instead setting him up to create a smoke screen for his own son.

The arrest warrant for Engin comes through…but, will he get away? Will he be punished? By the law? Or by anyone else?

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