Murderous Rage: Yargi, Episode 8


The scene opens with Ceylin confronting Engin. she is out of her mind angry, but is she willing to kill him? she. Isn’t’ answering her phone, and Ilgaz is starting to worry. He informs Eren, and they do their best to evade the traffic jam they are in and make their way to the office where Engin is waiting.

Ilgaz is so angry at Ceylin for putting her life at risk, but my question now is: would he be so angry if her weren’t afraid of losing her? Neva confronts Ilgaz during this episode, asking for an explanation to their separation, and is interrupted. Will we find out the real reason for their parting?

We also learn the fate of Zafer and Cinar. Metin does as promised and protects his son, though we can see the hesitation and concern behind it.

Ceylin finally learns about her cheating in-law, and commits to saving him, to prove that Engin is the guilty party, but in return she insists he tell the family the whole truth.

Cinar has to return to the hospital for conspicuously broken stitches and excessive bleeding. While he is in, Ilgaz and Ceylin use Metin’s car…which has evidence of Cinar’s activities in it. Will they find the evidence? Will they return the car as they found it? What will happen if the truth is discovered?

Pars is trying his best to find more information about Merdan and his connection with the case. He is trying to find out how the evidence against Engin was discovered. It feels as though he wants to prove Engin innocent in front of Ilgaz just to spite him, but behind doors, he seems like he is doing his job. He is also showing growth as a character, trying to understand his sister better, and trying to focus on doing his job well.
Pars also understands Yekta, and although is friendly with him, knows of his ways, and therefore takes care of evidence in a way that cannot leave any doubt of where it came from or to whom it belongs.

In a moment of quiet, Ilgaz and Ceylin start asking questions, to learn more about one another. Here, it might just be me, but the feeling is of mutual jealousy that they were once with someone else. It’s sweet that they want to know, but really don’t.

Metin learns that Zafer was up to more no good than just attacking Cinar. He has a history of violence, and now what?? He also must face his guilt over what he has done in his past and reconcile it with his job. Will he be able to?

After doing everything that was needed, Ilgaz returns to the hospital to pick up his father and brother. The car….the car….the car….What is Metin up to? Where is he going? Why?

Back in the courthouse, Engin is brought before the judge to plead, and he does the expected…denies guilt.

Grandfather Merdan makes another appearance, this time, with Defne. What is coming of this? Will he be more present now? How will that affect the family?
He also sends food to the guy who injured Cinar in jail, as a “thank you” gift. I don’t think it was the thank you he was expecting…

What will happen next week? What will Engin do to justify his defiance of guilt? Where did the evidence go? How will Ilgaz explain Merdan? Will Ilgaz and Ceylin stay together when they both learn the truth of what happened?

Leave me your theories and guesses below! See you next episode!!

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