Time’s Up for a Killer: Yargi, Episode 9


Episode nine opens in the courthouse!!
What will happen with Engin??!!

Okay. So, In the courthouse, Engin drops a bomb on the judge, in order to relieve himself of suspicion. Who else was in on it? How will Ilgaz and Ceylin fight back against his new story?
Again, we see Ilgaz using his mind and patience to move forward, and Ceylin’s anger/frustration to propel her. Ilgaz uses the mental tricks of a true behavioralist, investigating from the perspective of the killer. He feeds Ceylin questions to help her learn these investigative techniques, like a proud teacher of a student who is quick to catch on.
In this episode, we see two acts of care, bordering on loving: one between our favorite couple in the cold night air – he warms her hands. And the second at his place: after a shower,Ilgaz walks out of the bathroom in a towel, and Ceylin notices a scar and asks about it. When he tells her the story behind it, she is slightly surprised at his lack of boastfulness, and touches it. Ilgaz reaches for her hand and they approach each other….
Ilgaz finds some evidence against Engin, but will it be enough? Will it be on time to keep him locked up? Will he even get the evidence in hand or will it remain a mystery? How much more will he show he will care for Ceylin?

Something is wrong with Pars…he is hiding something. I have a couple of guesses, but will hold off until I gather more information.
He is worried about giving testimony to verify the alibi of a suspect, though. Pars was with him, but says it was “personal” and he doesn’t want to have it known. What was it??
Pars then finds Ceylin, Ilgaz, and Eren, and asks for help in proving that Engin is the killer they all know him to be. Ilgaz is wary of his efforts to join forces; he has suspicions, and will dig until he knows the truth.
Pars pushes the boundaries of his office when interrogating Engin and looking for new information. He knows he is guilty, but currently, in their new situation…they cannot prove it.
Back at home, Pars suffers what can only be described as partial temporary paralysis of his arm, of which he quickly hides from his sister – either so she won’t worry, or so he can continue to hide his problem.

Metin has a real problem. The body has disappeared.
I went back through the last episode to see if there were any Easter eggs or clues leading to where the body could have gone and my only theory is: Grandpa Merdan had something to do with it?? Will I be right?? Only one way to know, ya?
Metin starts focusing on the male dead bodies either missing or found in his area…will this become an ongoing theme for him?Showing up at retrieval scenes and having anxiety until he learns their identity?
While Cinar has no idea what is going on, he is also very conflicted about his feelings at having hurt another person. He is mentally fragile, and cannot face his brother or Ceylin.

Ceylin’s sister confronts the cousin that her cousin was cheating with. She tells her that she knows. She will not break up any families. But gives a hefty warning to stay away from her husband. Let’s see what happens with that.
Eileen’s daughter confronts her dad and his cheating, and we learn more about Eileen and her mental health from this conversation. She was suffering from the loss of a child.
Eileen returns to her house to find her husband in such a state. She becomes gentle, and while she doesn’t approach him, she shows him some compassion. It won’t end here, but may it be civil.

Grandpa Merdan makes more appearances. He introduces himself to Defne, and starts looking at ways to befriend her. He also finds evidence of Metin’s previous actions, but doesn’t say anything. Does he know? He shows up unannounced at the house and Defne introduces him as her grandfather…how will this go over?

Eren and Ceylin are forming an alliance, a friendship. I think that he will be instrumental in both proving that Engin is guilty of murder, and in helping Ceylin and Ilgaz move forward in their relationship.

Engin’s mother is in a predicament. In order to help her son, she gave up her husband. In return, he cut her off from all resources. This causes a situation that could be triggering to those who have suffered abuse from their spouse. But it is almost as if Yekta is reveling in her suffering, which isn’t right.
Meanwhile Ceylin’s mom learns that Cinar is innocent and Engin is the culprit from Pars directly. This upends her whole perspective, and becomes guilt ridden. She approaches Cinar to apologize, but with Cinar having experienced something unspeakable, cannot accept her apology, and runs away from her.

The ending seems to close some topics, and open other questions. I was a little disappointed at the end, personally, but know that this will lead to (hopefully) a stronger plot line for the relationship between Ceylin and Ilgaz.

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