Killer Revenge: Yargi, Episode 10


This week’s episode is all about REVENGE. It’s all about love and hate, war and peace, open and closed. It’s about the signs, and where they point.
This week’s episode gives ample opportunity for all of the above, plus my favorite: making predictions about what will happen next!!

At the opening, we see that Engin is in prison. With a change of appearance, and a plan, he sets out to watch the world burn. He brings in his Aunt Seva, a lawyer as well, and asks for her help in creating the $hit$torm that he envisions. How far will he go to ruin all those he believes ruined him?

Yekta is even more evil, as he dismisses his only child as a murderer, and taking his wife, Lachin, by the hand and making her miserable-the emotional abuse is very real. He is manipulative, condescending, and just plain mean. But we find out what he is hiding, and how that can affect him and his plans.

We find that Ceylin has, in fact, not stayed with Ilgaz. We find them both miserable. They have grown used to each other’s company, support, and presence. Ilgaz is visibly affected by her absence: sad, and angry at her stubbornness. He wants to call her, but his pride won’t let him.
Eren is becoming better friends with Ceylin, trying to talk to her and keep her nearby, while also trying to figure out his best friend. He is becoming more and more of a target at work, with Pars.
The Chief Prosecutor is starting to be more interested in the marriage of our Lady Advocate and Dear Prosecutor. He believes that the marriage was a tactic.
Ceylin is trying to earn a buck again, and goes about it in the wrong way, really pressing buttons with Ilgaz. She is also starting to work with Pars, which cannot lead to anywhere good, considering that he is the “enemy”. A stand off between the two ends in an ominous draw.
A package sent to Ilgaz, concerning them both, may be the end of them…

Ilgaz and Neva have the dreaded conversation: the after break up review. We find out why Ilgaz decided to call off his engagement, and how Neva was not in the same place.

Pars and Neva have a rough relationship, with her concerned about his well being, and him trying to hide what is wrong with him.
With him refusing to cover for Yekta, due to personal reasons, we will learn what the problem is and why he is hiding it. But will anyone else learn the issue, and will it be a problem in the long run?
Pars is also still interested in learning more about Merdan, and what that relationship will mean for Ilgaz in the future.

Grandfather Merdan is becoming more of a presence than ever, and after a while, we learn why he is hanging around the family. Is he there to help or hinder? Will he be a problem?
Ilgaz learns of his arrival, and seeming acceptance into the family home after years of being hated, and is curious of the switch.

Metin is back at work, refusing to retire, but also, still looking for the stolen body of Zafer. Where did it go?? When will it turn up? Who took it? Why?
He finds out about Ceylin and Ilgaz’s marriage. He is not happy about that at all.

Cinar wants to meet with Engin. He wants to know why. He is understandably angry, and wants answers. But will he get what he is seeking?

Eileen and Osman’s relationship is rocky, being that he cheated. Their daughter refuses to accept that they are choosing to move forward with their lives.
The family is starting to worry about Zafer when he is apparently missing.

Ceylin’s mom, Gul, is regretful of things that have happened and her part in wrongfully accusing people-she is trying to mend fences, clear her conscience.

Did you watch? Do you have any predictions? Share them with me here!

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