Face to Face Confrontation: Yargi, episode 11


This episode begins where the last left off: a voice message sent to Ilgaz, recorded on Engin’s phone sent by Ceylin; Eren left with a note asking if he has a child of which he was unaware; Cinar left with video footage of himself with Zafer; Yekta confronting his past lies and the absolute demolition of his future;

Ceylin and Ilgaz confront their relationship. But with new realizations and heartfelt admissions, will they be able to hold on to their new love through what is to come?
While Ilgaz faces an ultimatum put forth by Engin, Ceylin receives a demand from him also. Will he choose his family or his heart? Will she EVER concede to his request?
Ilgaz discovers the “cootie catcher” with all the names on it, that Engin is using to entertain himself, and dream up revenge plots. He at least now has an idea of all the people that will be affected by Engin’s schemes. But what will he do about it?
Ceylin learns of her father’s disappearance, throwing a wrench into her path to healing. Will she be able to face the reality of his departure?

Engin plans to watch the world burn: he seeks revenge on everyone. He claims he has nothing to lose, so he just continues to push everyone. He has a deadline of six pm after 24 hours, and then he will tell all himself. My question is this: other than his father’s faked diploma, does he have EVIDENCE supporting any of his claims? Will his word stand for anything? Or would it cause just enough chaos to be the ruin of relationships in his circle of hate? How does Engin KNOW all these things? He can’t just have happened upon all this information in the wild…he had to have some resources.

Aunt Seda: She seems to have issues with Yekta-having known he was a bit of a problem many years before, and warning Lachin, to no avail. She also seems to have some problems of her own to face, but will she do it at Engin’s expense? Yekta makes an offer-but will she take it? Will she burn Engin in order to save herself?

Yekta and Lachin: He is a rotten person, and she is seemingly weak and scared. Engin accuses her of returning to her abuser time and again, choosing to be abused over caring for her own son. She turned her back on him enough times, that he is convinced of her non-committal attitude toward him. *Domestic Abuse Trigger Warning (while there is no physical abuse, the verbal/emotional abuse is present)*

Pars and Neva: Pars learns his sister may be on the giving end of damaging work ethics, and Neva learns that her brother is ill, but may or may not be worried about the seriousness of his symptoms. They don’t trust one another, but will this be the end of their amicable brother/sister relationship?

Metin will be forced to confront his past head on; to deal with the consequences of his choices. How will it affect Ilgaz? How will it affect Ilgaz’s relationships and work?
Will his present choices be brought to light?

What will Cinar do about his predicament? He was given the option to admit his guilt in the death of Zafer, or watch it on the news…what evidence is there? WHERE IS THE BODY?????? Does Engin know that Metin was involved? Does he know that it was self defense? (The covering up of a self defense act by a police officer still bothers me-this was unnecessary and will be more of a problem that ever was a solution.)

Grandpa Merdan has deeper roots then we ever knew. What kind of problems and solutions is he offering? He truly believes his family has forgiven him. But have they? Will they when they find out what he is up to behind their backs? And what is his relationship to the old retired madam prosecutor, Sahver?

Osman, Eileen, and Parla: Osman is still being hated by his daughter, while Eileen appears to just be holding it together. Parla isn’t the innocent one we thought she is. Zumrut is avoiding all contact with the whole family.

While we learn more about Parla, we also find out more about Ince…their relationship isn’t traditional. Or healthy.

Eren has to confront his past, and deal with the ramifications of what it means for his future. But will he be able to handle the pressure? The news he discovers will change his life forever, and the lives of others. So will he step up to the challenge? Will he confront his ex?

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