The Murderer’s Mandate: Yargi, episode 12

**TRIGGER WARNING: Physical Abuse, Verbal Abuse, Drug Use, Overdose, Suicide Attempt, Munchausen By Proxy Syndrome/Child Abuse**

Last week we learned that Engin had a list of people against whom he was plotting revenge. Each of them had a task to do by 6 pm the next day. So, this week we see how each of them reacts, if they decide to complete their task, or if Engin will, in fact, watch the world burn around him.

This week we open where we left off last week, with a declaration of love from Ceylin to Ilgaz, and a confession of his attraction toward her. But there is a problem, his father’s past will demolish his chances at a future.
I really hope that Ceylin forgives Ilgaz, because as a son, he had no involvement in what his father did to Ceylin’s family. He also hid it from her, yes, but simply because there was no good time to tell her with all the other bad things falling on their heads at the time.
The emotional release of Ilgaz in this opening broke my heart. He has become so attached to her in a way that he has never had before. I feel that he is entitled so some happiness, and really they do balance one another and make each other happy.
Ilgaz has suffered…wasn’t allowed a normal life, because his mother’s cancer and early death, and his father’s checking out, and then having to raise his little brother and sister.
Ceylin has suffered….wasn’t allowed a normal life, because her father went to jail and she was forced to work and make a living to help her family, as well as help raise her little sister and her niece.

Ilgaz personally takes on the case of the missing Zafer Erguvan, because he knows this case affects Ceylin, and he still wants to do what is best for her.

Ceylin makes a decision about Metin’s actions, and turns over divorce papers to Ilgaz. Will he sign them? Will they go through with it?

Ceylin and Ilgaz work together to help save a child that is being tortured by a sick parent. Working together again may bring them closer.

Engin is in jail, but still wreaking havoc among those he feels the need to expose. His plans are messed up a little, due to interference…but will he still accomplish his ultimate goals?
He is in solitary confinement, at the request of Ilgaz. When Pars finds out, he knows that there is something going on there-but Ilgaz refuses to share information. Just as Pars refuses to share the demands on him.

Will we see Engin free? Or will he end up a victim of his own avarice?

Yekta sends Lachin to deal with her son and try to get him to call off his 6 pm cutoff, but to no avail. Yekta tries to talk to his son himself, potentially coming up with a deal.

Seda is offered the entire legal firm from Yekta, but she turns it down. She doesn’t want to be associated with the name when he goes down. Will she be able to stay clean through this adventure though?
Ceylin learns of her involvement in Engin’s defense, and becomes incensed at the idea of her getting Engin out of jail.

Metin admits to his wrong doing on the part of putting an innocent man behind bars. He has to face everyone he knows with the knowledge that his secret is out.

Merdan is apparently a mafioso. It is clear that this man is well-connected, does things his own way, and has access to information that is not widely available. He is intimidating…and appears to get his way.

Cinar gets a little pushy with his grandfather about leaving Turkey and going abroad. But Merdan calls him on it, and decides to have him followed to figure out what could be the root cause of his wanting to leave.

Serdar starts being a more involved character. We find out that he may have more information that previously thought, and that he may have more connections to the circle of revenge than we previously understood.

While Pars suffers more symptoms of his illness, he promises his sister that he will figure out a way to prevent her secret from ending her career. She has a situation where she attempts to cut her wrists at her house, then passes out at work, then cannot be reached by phone at home. What is the cause of this mental break? I believe it’s a combination of separation from Ilgaz and watching him fall in love with Ceylin, along with the threat of her losing her job as a judge, and losing her brother’s pride and confidence in her…but I could be wrong.

Parla gets a notice the day of the swim meet, that she will admit to her wrong doing or she will be exposed. Another victim of Engin? She chooses to overdose instead of facing her accusations. Eileen and Osman find her at home, in bed, unconscious. They tell Ceylin and she rushes to their side at the hospital. She learns of the threat on her-and storms off, with Ilgaz following her.
I truly believe that he will have to stop her from actually killing Engin.

Eren learns he is the father of Tulgca, and confronts his ex-girlfriend, Ozlem about it. She at first denies it. Then he tells her he did a paternity test and that he is positive about it.
Ozlem, though, has her own set of problems: her husband.

Eren tries to play peace maker between Ceylin and Ilgaz, because he likes them both, and sees that they are good together. Will he be successful?

The Professor and THAT DAMNED BOOK: What is the relevance? What is the significance? WHY is the book so important? Why does EVERYONE involved in this circle of revenge have one?

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