Time’s Up: Yargi, Episode 13

With six o’clock closing in, what is going to happen to those in the circle of revenge? What is going to happen to Engin?


Ilgaz rushes to the jail to find Ceylin, who isn’t there. He instead sees Neva getting into the ambulance with Engin. He finds Ceylin at the hospital.
Ilgaz and Ceylin spend a wonderful evening together: their first official dinner out together. Fish, drinks, and a side of conspiracy theory and investigation. The question is laid out: Has Ilgaz ever stepped on the gas, when he knew he should put on the brakes? Does he have a “what if”??
After getting drunk and going back to her office, where it was cold, Ilgaz and Ceylin spend the night cuddling to keep each other warm. ❤
They wake up to a new morning, a new closeness, and the chance to see their romance come to fruition.
Ilgaz turns the hospital case over to a different prosecutor, in order that Ceylin can complete the case and get paid.

Ceylin goes to visit Seda at her hotel, approaching about how she is affecting people with her threats. While she is there, they find out that Engin has been taken to the hospital. She admits to Seda that she does not feel bad about Engin being in the hospital, and will not feel bad if he dies either. Ceylin has to come to grips with the idea of wanting him dead and wanting him to serve his time. She also lets it slip to Osman that Engin is responsible for the current condition of Parla.
Ceylin enquires to Ilgaz where the divorce paperwork went, and he claimed he didn’t know, it must have gotten lost. ❤
She goes to the hospital to pick up paperwork for Parla’s release, and sees Engin being escorted to the bathroom. While he is walking, he is whistling, and gives her a flashback of a more care-free time. She realizes that he is going to break out of the hospital, and decides to follow him. Will her impetuousness lead her to trouble? What will Ilgaz do when he finds out what she is up to?

Metin goes about his business as usual, but is fully on alert anytime there is a report of a dead male. He is put in charge of figuring out what happened to Engin, and who may have done it. Metin approaches his father about the body of Zafer-“you don’t know anything about it, do you?”

Cinar gets closer to his grandfather. He feels like Merdan is saving his life, and wants to work with him. He defends him against Metin’s anger and his demands he leave the house. He also stands u for himself when he decides to work with Merdan.

Merdan is first seen in this episode going through Seda’s hotel room. He finds the evidence of the threat against Cinar, and the notes of all the secrets from Engin to Seda from the jail. So now, the question is: What will Merdan do with all this new knowledge? Will he defend his family and leave it at that? Or will he now use the information he has to his own advantage? That would put him in the same place as Engin and Seda, though-so he would have to be smarter about it, which is a possibility.
But this BODY…WHERE IS IT????

Pars is worried when Neva doesn’t answer her phone or door. Where is she? In the last episode, she threatened to Jill herself. So, Pars is obviously worried when she doesn’t respond to him. Tension between brother and sister is bound to boil over.
Pars and Eren team up with Ilgaz and Ceylin to figure out who poisoned Engin, and how. He and Ilgaz come to the conclusion that Engin is trying to plan an escape from the hospital. Will they be able to catch him? Or will they be too late?

Neva gets up early and goes to see Engin as he is being taken to the ER for being close to death-but what is wrong with him? Why? Is she merely going to confront him about the threats? Does she have another motive?
Neva moves out of Pars’s house, and meets up with Cunet. There is a romantic undertone to their drink date. She lets Pars know that she is a grown woman who has lived on her own before and plans to do so again.

Seda is brought to terms with some of the damage she has done, and swears to be done with it. She is faced with the overdose of Parla, the effect it had on her family. She is faced with the potential loss of her daughter-when approached by Merdan.
Seda gets called into Pars’s office for questioning-but will her story hold up?? She lets Engin know she is done with his nonsense. She won’t play the game anymore-but is it already too late??

Parla is trying to figure out how to move forward after her OD.
Osman is trying to get information from her on where she got the pills.
Eileen is trying to understand her daughter and forgive her, while still supporting her.
Gul is just trying to hold what is left of her family together.

Engin receives his long awaited books in solitary, and ends up poisoned. But whose book is it? Who poisoned him? Will he recover fully?
Engin finally comes out of his stupor, and is now in fear for his life. How will his dad help him now? Will he help him escape?

Cunet is starting to become more of a character, with some more screen time.

Yekta is livid about the apparent attempt on his son’s life. He swears to find the truth and destroy whoever tried to poison him. Will his plans to help Engin escape come to fruition? Or will they end up for nothing?

Eren is facing the fact that he is a father. He is doing his best to help his friends, and his ex. He is trying to stay on the side of good, not getting upset at his daughter, because she doesn’t know him as her father yet. But he keeps trying-which is important. Eren arrests the husband, Fatih, of his ex, Ozlem. Fatih beat Ozlem and put her in the hospital, yet the Ozlem and Tugce won’t press charges against him, allowing him back out. What will Eren do if this guy closes in on his ex or daughter again? Or better….what WON’T he do? How will he get closer to Tugce?

“Neredesin, Ceylin?”
The end is a cliffhanger that will have you covering your mouth in surprise and wondering ‘where are you, Ceylin?’.

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