A New Killer Emerges: Yargi Episode 14

***TRIGGER WARNING: Processing as a victim; Processing as a suspect***

This episode had my heart breaking!! The twitter threads about how gentle and perfect Ilgaz was as a husband and a caregiver were priceless.

Ceylin opens the episode covered with blood and dirt, holding a gun, tripping over a dead body. But whose body is it? And how did it and she get there??
Ceylin is found. On the side of the road. She is covered in blood and dirt. She is unresponsive, in shock, and avoiding touch.
She seems small, and relies heavily on Ilgaz for her immediate emotional support.
Ceylin is processed as both a victim, and a suspect, at the hospital, since no one knows what happened, including her.
Ceylin is then arrested under the suspicion that she committed murder. Eren is upset by this turn of events, because he is required to take her in.
Ceylin wonders if she could have done it-could she kill someone? Ilgaz reassures her that there is no way. That she would never be able to kill because she is good. She is taken into custody and put in jail, until such time as her innocence or guilt is proven. What will happen to Ceylin? Will she remember? Will she survive in jail? Did she kill someone??

Ilgaz is worried that Ceylin followed Engin when he escaped from the hospital. He looks for her and gets visibly angry, then worried, the further along the search continues. He *KNOWS* that Ceylin is in the car with Engin, even though they could not see her. Ilgaz is using his perfect Prosecutor capabilities to find his woman.
He finds her! She is broken. He is at his most gentle, explaining to her all the details of what is happening in real time, so she won’t be surprised or scared. He doesn’t leave her side.
He is angry at everyone trying to take his wife in for murder, and promises Ceylin that he will find the truth. What are the lengths to which he will go to prove her innocence?

Pars is in a hurry to find Engin and Ceylin. He is angry at Neva for moving out on him. Pars is having a hard time lately with his job. He is feeling overwhelmed, and it is noticeable. How will he handle Ilgaz now that Ceylin’s freedom hangs in the balance?

Eren processes the crime scene, dead body, and Yekta’s house in Sile. Metin is in charge of the investigation. Pars is in charge of the whole operation, legally. What will they find? What happened in the woods? Whose body?? Who put it there? What about his new found daughter? And her mother?

Yekta and Lachin are required to testify to Pars about their son, and his escape plans. Yekta formulates a story that covers all his bases. Lachin is again left out in the cold. Will Lachin turn on Yekta? Will Seda? Will Merdan? Will Pars?

Engin escapes!!! Where will he go? What will he do when he gets there? Who will stop him? Will they find him?? We still don’t know who poisoned him or what else there is in store for this man.

Neva and Cunit are up to something…romantic or otherwise? What is it that they are planning?

Gul and Eileen are still worried about Zafer, with no word from the police or him. Parla is visibly upset Osman is pressuring Parla to find out where the pills came from. Ceylin’s family learns second-hand that Ceylin and Ilgaz have married. How will they react to the news?

Seda proves that she didn’t poison Engin. But what will she do with Yekta? What will she do about Merdan? She is ready to go home to her daughter, but is torn with the knowledge her sister is not in a safe or good place.

The cemetery flower lady, Gulfer, calls Ceylin’s phone and leaves a message regarding her seeing Zafer and Cinar in the cemetery the day he went missing. What will happen with this information?

Metin attempts to kick Merdan out of the house. Metin and Makbule get into an argument about him, but Cinar finally convinces Metin to let him stay. Merdan has some serious plans in the works…what kind of trouble is stirring with him?

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